Cuba has been described as socialism under the sun or even ‘the red flag with salsa’ but today, with the restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba  after half a century of antipathy, the country is on the cusp of change.

At present the tourism infrastructure remains below par and there isn’t enough accommodation to cope. We recommend booking at least six months in advance.

Colonial Heritage

  • Havana
  • Trinidad
  • Cienfuegos
  • Santiago de Cuba

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  • Varadero
  • Playa Esmeralda
  • Cayo Largo
  • Guardalavaca

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Natural Beauty

  • Vinales
  • Sierra Maestre
  • Caves & underground rivers
  • Birdwatching
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Montecristos, Mojitos and more

  • Mojitos, Montecristos, Daiquiris
  • Son and Salsa
  • Ballet and cabaret
  • Ernest Hemmingway trail

To include in your trip to Cuba please
call 01932 424252 now!

Welcome to Cuba!

Cuba is full of surprises. Communism in the Caribbean, if it can be called that, is full of anachronisms. Think of big cigars and good cocktails, the very symbols of Western decadence, but  decrepit infrastructure and poor food. It has the highest literacy rate in Latin America but survives on rum, revolution and rationing. And extraordinary improvisation.

Mix in some fantastic colonial architecture, no international chain stores, stunning beaches, friendly faces with a ready smile, music on virtually every corner and you have all the ingredients for a very unusual holiday.


Current time in Havana: