News from Guyana – An Encounter with Manatees

Reporting in to the office from her research trip to Guyana, Revealed Travel’s Katie Aston has sent us this video of a brief encounter with manatees.

Travellers to Latin America often return with fabulous tales of their adventures and encounters of rare sightings. Christopher Columbus (no less) claimed to have spotted mermaids in the water on his first trip to the Americas (believed nowadays to have been manatees) and Walter Raleigh recounted meeting a tribe of fierce warrior women in the jungles of Guyana – the Amazons of Greek Legend,  thereby giving name to the world’s mightiest river. He also once claimed to have seen a tribe of headless men, but he might have been smoking something at the time….

Today’s travellers still return from Central and South America with wonderful stories of the places they have seen, the people they have met and sightings of elusive species, including quetzals, jaguars, and pumas.

Guyana itself offers the adventurous traveller an irresistible combination of natural beauty and amazing wildlife with pristine Amazonian rainforests, immense waterfalls, a vibrant indigenous culture, rich heritage and hospitable, friendly people. It is also English-speaking.

Although Guyana is tiny by comparison with other countries in South America, it is still over one and a half times the size of the UK.

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